History awaits Burrow to achieve his one last goal

By Ed Daniels, Sports

On the night Joe Burrow won the Heisman Trophy, there was not a dry eye at the Heisman ceremony or in the state of Louisiana.

​ A quarterback who has completed almost 80% of his passes was on target, again and again. ​He thanked his offensive line by name. ​He thanked head coach Ed Orgeron for “giving me the keys.” ​

He said the Burrow family could never repay Orgeron for the faith he had in Joe.

​ And, he mentioned growing up in southeast Ohio, a place where poverty is still common and opportunity is often lacking. ​Burrow told those in Ohio, that if he could make it, so could they.

​ Later in the night, Burrow again hit the target, right between the numbers. He was asked about the national semifinal game against Oklahoma in Atlanta.

​ Burrow said the other teams will be coming after LSU.

​ “There will be a target on our backs, especially after we won all of these awards,” said Joe.

​ He’s right. ​Burrow said his team, ranked No. 1 in the College Football Playoff, was still “hungry to get the title.”

​ Winning the Heisman Trophy and a national championship in the same year is a tough double. ​In the past 11 years, it has been done three times – by Alabama running back Mark Ingram in 2009, by Auburn quarterback Cam Newton in 2010 and by  Florida State QB Jameis Winston in 2013.

​ That Burrow won the Heisman is a fantastic accomplishment, for him and for LSU. ​At LSU, Burrow is a legend, but he’s two victories away from being so much more, if that’s possible.

​ One of my Auburn buddies is still talking about the “Cam-back” nine years later. ​In the Iron Bowl, Auburn, led by Newton, erased a 24-0 deficit to Alabama and beat the Tide 28-27. ​In one season, Newton produced things that can never be replicated.

​ At Florida, Tim Tebow is a legend, but his Heisman year, 2007, was sandwiched in between championship years for the Gators in 2006 and 2008.

​ Webster’s dictionary defines immortality as “unending existence” and “lasting fame.” ​ If Burrow leads LSU to victory over Oklahoma and a win in the national championship at the Superdome, of all places, he will have had  the greatest season of any athlete in the history of Louisiana State University.

​ No one understands the enormity of the moment more than Burrow. ​So, the quarterback who didn’t have a working cellphone for at least a part of this season will bury himself in film study.

​ He’ll be as prepared as can be for the Sooners on Dec. 28. ​What Joe Burrow knows is he has the chance of a lifetime.

​ Legends win the Heisman, but immortals win that trophy – and one other.

Ed Daniels is sports director of ABC26 WGNO. He can be reached at edaniels@clarionherald.org.

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