God has pitched his tent with humanity

I’m very happy to wish a very, very blessed Christmas to you and to all those you hold in your heart. As we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, we are mindful that God became one of us. God took on human flesh. He is Emmanuel. God is with us.

This Lord Jesus has taken up dwelling in your heart, in your family, in your home, in all that you do – and he walks with you.

This Lord Jesus is the human face of God, the human smile of God, the human hands of God. And he walks with you every day, not as the babe in Bethlehem, but as friend and brother.

The Lord Jesus invites us to open wide our hearts and to embrace him, not just today, but as we move forward in this Christmas season. Remember, God is with you.

The Lord Jesus lives in you, and he desires you to share him with others.

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