St. Christopher lauds emergency personnel at Blue Mass

Story and Photos By Beth Donze
Kids’ Clarion

Students at St. Christopher School in Metairie dedicated their Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Mass to the first responders who keep them safe 24/7 – many of them school parents and grandparents. At the conclusion of this “Blue Mass,” celebrated by St. Christopher’s pastor, Father Raymond Igbogiti, all students sang “The Blessing Song” asking for God’s protection of their guests, their colleagues and their families. “I know (your family members) must spend many hours in fear and anxiety as you carry out your job, but they’re always there as a unit to support and encourage you,” said Ruth Meche, principal.

St. Christopher students who had guests in attendance processed up the center aisle with them at the start of Mass (center photo, top). At the end of Mass, Father Raymond Igbogiti, St. Christopher’s pastor, presented each first responder with an American-flag pin superimposed with a gold cross.

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