Wild violets of Mother Cabrini showed her missionary zeal

By Clarion Herald Staff

Cabrini High School celebrated Mother Cabrini Week Nov. 11-15 to honor St. Frances Xavier Cabrini’s feast day on Nov. 13.

Mother Cabrini was declared “Blessed” by Pope Pius XI on Nov. 13, 1938, and was canonized by Pope Pius XII on July 7, 1946, becoming the first U.S. citizen to be canonized a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.

Throughout the week, the campus ministry office hosted multiple activities, including a bake sale, scavenger hunt, a Mother Cabrini trivia contest and a “violet purple” spirit day for students, faculty and staff.

Violets are connected with Mother Cabrini because as a child in Italy, she would pick wild violets near a river and place them in a paper boat, pretending they were missionaries sailing off to serve the poor.

On her feast day, students, faculty, staff, alumnae and special guests wore their best violet attire to honor that heartwarming childhood story. Mother Cabrini is a constant presence at Cabrini High School, and the school has been fortunate to be a part of her legacy for 60 years.

Built on a foundation infused with her faith, every Cabrini student is an extension of her legacy. Students walk on the same holy ground where Mother Cabrini lived and worked and worship in the same chapel where she prayed for guidance and strength.

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