Abp. Aymond: All Our gifts are from God, so be humble!

By Archbishop Aymond
Kids Clarion

Dear Young Church, My Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

As we prepare for “Turkey Day” – that is, of course, Thanksgiving – I know that you are looking forward to a few days off from school and time with your family and friends. I hope that it is a peaceful time.

As you know, the celebration of Thanksgiving is rooted many centuries ago, and people gathered to give thanks to God, realizing how much he had given to them, especially in this land.

Hopefully, we will gather with our families to celebrate the Thanksgiving meal.

Also important for Thanksgiving Day is to go to church and celebrate Mass, which is the greatest of all prayers of thanksgiving. We easily take for granted all that God has given to us.

Such a day reminds us not to be thankless but to use our lips and our hearts to give thanks to God, recognizing that everything that we are and every gift that we have comes from him.

It seems to me the two words that are very absent at times from our world are the words “Thank you.” We live in a time in which we expect all that we need will be taken care of, and we sort of think that others “owe” us and that we are entitled. It is humbling to realize that who we are and all of our gifts come from God, and that we are not God.

I hope that your family will be at church on Thanksgiving, giving thanks to God. Let us also have that spirit of Thanksgiving throughout the year as we more often say, “Thank you. I appreciate you. I appreciate your kindness. I appreciate your gifts. Thank you.” We must always say thank you to God and to others.

A Brother in Christ,

Most Rev. Gregory M.  Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans

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