There truly is no place like (our eternal) home!

By Kristy Solis, NOLA Catholic Parenting

One night, my family was watching a classic family movie that spans time, “The Wizard of Oz.”

The endearing through-line – “There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!” – played over and over.

When you here this declaration about home, what does this mean to you? Or have you asked your child, “Where is home?”

That night, I asked that very question to my daughters.

My older daughter said, “Home is with my family: My mama, my pop pop, my sissy and my papa.”

My younger daughter said, “Home is with Jesus.”

Needless to say, both answers were quite different, yet both were accurate.

Throughout life, we seek a home or homes, whether it is a personal home, a family home, a friend home, a church home or a work home.

In this life, I am blessed to have all of the above. Each of these is a place of yearning to belong.

What is the common denominator of all of these homes? Jesus! He is in each and every facet of “home.” Simply, home cannot exist without Jesus.

I am blessed to call each of these dwellings home. I am also fortunate that I am able to carry Jesus and worship Jesus in each of these homes. This is a hope for my daughters, as they travel through life seeking the homes in their lives – that Jesus is at the heart of these places of being.

Now back to my daughters’ answers to this seemingly simple question. You may have noticed, neither one of them referenced a brick-and-mortar building. How profound that both of them related to a home that lies inside each of us, a family unit and Jesus.

In that moment, the lesson I imparted to my children was – on earth, these homes are temporary. Jesus is at home in our being until the time comes to join him in our real home of heaven.

The girls were so excited and said they could not wait to go to their real homes. I reminded them that this is “all in God’s timing!”

To be honest, I hope they never lose their zeal to seek out Jesus. Jesus reminds us: “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them” (John 14:23).

Jesus promises there will be a place for us; there will be a home for each of us. One day, “There will be no place like home!”

Once again, think about it for yourself or ask your child, “Where is home?”

Let us pray, “Lord help us to continue to seek  Jesus that he makes a home within us, while he prepares a home for each of us for eternity.”

Kristy Solis grew up in Meraux. She graduated from Our Lady of Holy Cross with a bachelor of science in nursing;  Loyola University New Orleans with a master of science in nursing and has a doctorate. She has practiced as a registered nurse and a family nurse practitioner with a concentration in adult health. She serves full time as a nursing faculty member at the University of Holy Cross. She has two daughters and one young-at-heart papa. Visit our three-times-a-week blog and new podcast every other week at

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