The living dream: A world of equality

By Clarion Herald Staff
Photos by Peter Finney Jr. | CLARION HERALD

The annual Black Saints Celebration, which began in the mid-1980s, was held Nov. 2, beginning with a 1.8-mile procession from St. Peter Church in Reserve to Our Lady of Grace Church. Father Daniel Green, director of the Office of Black Catholic Ministries, recalled the joy he experienced by walking in the procession as a child. “I remember (hearing) the stories of the founding of some of our parishes in the archdiocese and how great it was,” Father Green said. “We remember what the Lord is calling us in our faith life as Black Catholics.” In recounting the lives of several black saints and promoting their “living dream,” Archbishop Gregory Aymond reminded the congregation of their duty to model Jesus’ call for peace and reconciliation. “We must be bold witnesses and courageous examples,” he said. “If not us, then who?” For a full report, go to the Clarion Herald’s Facebook page.

Black Saints Celebration

The annual Black Saints Celebration, sponsored by the Office of Black Catholic Ministries, is a highlight of the Archdiocese of New Orlerans' Black Catholic History Month. #clarionherald #nolacatholic #witnesswithjoy

Posted by Clarion Herald on Saturday, 2 November 2019

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