Teen Vogue abortion campaign hits motherly nerve

By Kim Roberts, NOLA Catholic Parenting

What kind of country are we living in that something as vile, risky and life-altering as abortion is celebrated and encouraged?

It is bad enough that adults are lured into having abortions, but to brainwash young women into joining this murderous cult is really alarming.

I am a mother of two daughters, and the thought of someone telling them it was perfectly fine to kill an unborn baby without parental consent makes me sick to my stomach and beyond angry. No one has the right to advise my child of anything, let alone encourage the taking of innocent human life.

Yet, Teen Vogue magazine, in all of its political correctness, took it upon itself to tell readers, who are minors, literally how to get an abortion.

Teen Vogue promoted this through its popular social media outlets as well in an article published in the magazine. These messages were under the headline: “How to Get an Abortion if You’re a Teen.”

What? Who do they think they are by telling anyone’s child what to do?

The publication even went so far as to advise teens how to get around parental consent laws to obtain an abortion without their parents even knowing. Readers were given detailed instructions on how to hide abortion from their parents, get around their consent and get help paying for it.

Teen Vogue disclosed no other options for teens to consider, such as adoption, parenting or counseling and, surprisingly, there was no real discussion about the possible risks to their lives or health. Not to mention the mark this act would forever leave upon their souls.

Since when is it legal to put a minor in danger and give them step-by-step instructions on how to have a medical procedure without parental consent? Any doctor or medical professional who performs a medical procedure on a minor without parental consent should be arrested. It is illegal to perform other medical procedures on a minor without parental consent, so why should abortion be any different?

The ill-advised individual who wrote the article actually said that having access to an abortion should be a teen’s right, regardless of their parent’s beliefs. Excuse me? I am responsible for my children’s health and well-being, not pro-abortion activists who think they can tell people how to raise their children.

Although totally disgusted by this, I had to think of how to explain this to my teen. Luckily, we have had discussions about every baby’s right to life, and that a baby carried in a mother’s womb is a gift given by God. As such, God will provide a way for this child to be born and live.

I explained only Satan would prompt the killing of the most innocent of  lives: defenseless babies in a mother’s womb.

I had to mention that if ever she or a friend found themselves in need, a magazine was not the place to go for help. I encouraged her to talk to me, her older sister, a counselor, grandmother or any trusted adult who loved her and had her health and well-being always in mind before making any life-altering decision.

As parents, it is imperative that we are cognizant of the messages our children are reading in print and through social media. Thankfully, my daughter does not receive social media messages from Teen Vogue. After our discussion, it has been permanently blocked from her phone.

Kim Roberts resides in River Ridge with her husband and has  three children. She’s been active at St. Matthew the Apostle Parish and was Council of Catholic School Cooperative Clubs president. She is on the Dominican High School Parents’ Club board and works with the Notre Dame Seminary Gala Committee and the Keep Christ in Christmas Committee. She has a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from Louisiana Tech University as well as a master of arts degree. Roberts is a freelance writer and has written a weekly column for The Times-Picayune for 14 years, several articles for Biz New Orleans Magazine and works part-time for Crimestoppers.

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