Christ’s water and light are always there to behold

By Charla Spalluto Misse, NOLA Catholic Parenting

As I crossed over the levee on my morning run, my eyes landed on the glimpse of a rainbow glowing between dark clouds.  It was so surprisingly beautiful and special that I felt a blessing had come to me. I felt the magnitude of God’s presence. 

Because my route, then, had me running away from the rainbow, it remained in my mind but not in my sight. I started to pray the Luminous Mysteries. It struck me that each meditation, in some way, reflected on a transformation.

The Baptism of Jesus: The life-giving water of this world was sanctified as it washed over Christ who will wash away our sins and make us children of God.

The Wedding at Cana: Water became wine as Jesus performed a great sign at his mother’s request.

The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God: Our Lord asserts his omnipotence and creates a place where his children may dwell with him in his glory for eternity upon the purification of our souls.

The Transfiguration of Jesus: The earthly body of Jesus became heavenly, accepting the weight of the world and showing us that the glory of God is attainable by accepting our crosses and following him.

And finally, the Institution of the Eucharist: Bread and wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of our Lord.

When I turned to head home, I was relieved to see the rainbow still there. Even though I could see it clearly, I realized that this special moment was fleeting. I felt a pang of anxiety as I didn’t want the rainbow to disappear; I didn’t want to be left alone.

By the grace of God, my fear was quickly washed away when I realized that the rainbow, simply a transformation of water and light, is always there – even if I can’t see it.  The water and light – Christ’s mercy, nourishment and guidance – are always there.  I was reminded that I am never alone.

I humbly pray that I remain vigilant so that I am aware of the Lord’s continuous presence and able to discern his will for me.

We are given the opportunity to transform our lives so that we may be made worthy of the kingdom of God.  May we be a source of love and guidance to others, especially children, so that they may be formed in God’s grace. And, may we pray for the transformation of poor souls who are in most need of Christ’s water and light.  

Charla is happiest when laughing with her husband and their son, baking for her loved ones, exercising in the outdoors and picking her son up from school. A native of New Orleans, she feels blessed to worship, work and play in her hometown.

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