When life gets tough, God’s plan gets us through

By Courtney Elmer, NOLA Catholic Parenting

There’s a quote I’ve been reflecting on a lot lately, and it goes like this: “If it’s come into your life, it means you’re ready to receive it.”

This sounds good and fine when things are going well in life, but what about when things aren’t? We can double tap our thumbs on the inspirational quotes that pop up in our social media feeds all day, but, sometimes, these light-hearted sayings are harder to accept during tough times.

And, lately, life has been tough for me. I lost a friend in a tragic accident and barely had time to process my grief before our family was taken out by a stomach bug. After that, I had some unexpected staff issues and a pile of work dumped on my plate with tight deadlines. A family member was waiting for the test results of what could be a life-threatening illness. I had a week of solo-parenting while my husband traveled for work. Plans that didn’t go according to plan. Expectations that didn’t go as expected.

I could go on. But instead, I’ve reminded myself of this quote a lot, even in the tough times. Because what if this message holds true, even then?

In life, it’s natural for us to want to feel secure and in control, to know what’s happening next and to have a plan that falls beautifully into place.

But, we know that’s not how it always goes. And I don’t know about you, but the biggest takeaway I’ve learned when life gets tough is that there is intrinsic beauty in the surrender to life itself. Let go, and let God.

There’s freedom in relaxing into the flow of it all.

  of allowing the loss of life to help us celebrate the gift of it.

  of letting the times of sickness help us celebrate our health.

… of letting what we don’t have make us appreciate what we do have.

… of letting a time of waiting be an opportunity to practice the virtues of acceptance, surrender and patience.

If it’s here, it’s here for you. Good, bad and everything in between. Once we accept this, then we can start asking ourselves, “If this is meant for me, then what is it here to teach me? What am I meant to learn?”

At the end of the day, I know that God already has a plan for me and you. Sure, you can plan, too, but don’t be surprised when the unexpected comes your way, because, ultimately, there’s a bigger picture that we can’t see.

Another favorite quote of mine so accurately applies – “If God brings you to it, he WILL bring you through it.”

After overcoming cancer at 25, Courtney Elmer has made it her mission to show fellow “mompreneurs” how to eliminate stress and feel clear, focused and in control of their life and business. As a wife and mom, she understands the pressures of wearing all the hats and the frustration of feeling like there’s never enough time to get to everything. She teaches working moms how to have it all without having to do it all, so they can be more present with their families and enjoy the life that’s in front of them right now. She lives in Metairie with her husband Alan, their son AJ, and their fur-friends Ace and Deuce.

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