St. Thérèse Academy has risen like a phoenix

By L’Trell Brumfield, Guest Columnist

The mascot for our newly opened school, St. Thérèse Academy, should be the phoenix.

Before Holy Rosary Academy closed down last May, the school welcomed each new person under its wings of warmth and light. All of us were carried to a new home – Holy Rosary – until, all of a sudden, its flames started to weaken.

All of us were sad that Holy Rosary had to shut down; however, this made for a new beginning.

The mythical creature’s body was transformed in its flames and was reborn with a new location and a new name. Even though the creature’s body had changed, its heart and soul has not.

The moral of this tale is that even though our beloved school has closed, it continues on after being resurrected in a new building – St. Thérèse Academy in Metairie.

That is why I think our mascot should be the phoenix – because our school’s spirit is immortal.

L’Trell Brumfield, a former student at Holy Rosary School, is a senior at St. Thérèse Academy. Visit St. Thérèse’s Facebook page at or the website at to view more pictures and videos of the new mascot and the big reveal. St. Thérèse is located on Our Lady of Divine Providence’s campus on West Metairie Avenue in Metairie.

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