October shines light on Blessed Mother, sanctity of life

By Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond

Kids’ Clarion column dated Sept. 28

Dear Young Church, My Sisters and Brothers:

Welcome back to school! Now you are fully into the routine of a new school year and I hope that the transition has been a good one.

Whatever school you attend, please know that your commitment to religious education is important.

If you are in a public or charter school, please make sure that you participate in the Parish School of Religion at your church.

If you attend a Catholic school, religion class is of utmost importance, as it calls you to be closer to Christ.

If you are homeschooled, you also have the opportunity to learn more about Christ and the teachings of the Church.

As we look ahead to October, we will celebrate, first of all, the month of the rosary. We recall that Mary is not only the mother of Jesus but our mother, too. I pray that you will draw closer to her as she walks with you each day, prays for you and raises you to her son.

October is also Respect Life Month. We have an opportunity to reflect upon the sacredness of human life that God has given to us. God not only gave us human life, but he breathes his own life into us. Therefore, the life of each and every person is indeed sacred.

Jesus calls us to speak loudly about respecting life. Sometimes we forget that reverencing life is something we can practice in our daily routine, for example, in the way we treat others, respond to our parents and teachers, and in the way in which we relate to those in our neighborhood and at school. We want to be people who respect each person and value the life that God has given to each and every one of us.

There are people who are very different from us. Nonetheless, we want to see the best in them and to respect their life as we call them to respect our own.

We respect the life of the unborn, the dying, the poor, the immigrants and those on death row. Please be a voice for life!

Wishing you God’s blessings, I am a brother in Christ

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