Cabrini students honor four former teachers who lit a fire

Photo Courtesy Cabrini High School

Each year, Cabrini High School students who demonstrate outstanding character and have a minimum 3.5  grade-point average can nominate an elementary school teacher who had a positive impact on their lives.

In the nomination, students are asked why they selected the teacher and to share how that person prepared them for high school.

Cydney St. Junior nominated Lynette Jones, St. Leo the Great: “It’s good to know that you taught a student that you made an impression on that could help her throughout her years of education,” Jones said.

Makenna Borne nominated Kevin Loup, St. Rosalie School: “Mr. Loup always encouraged us to do our best no matter how hard it was,” said Borne said. “He made sure we never gave up when classwork was challenging and taught us how to be responsible. Mr. Loup goes above and beyond what is expected.”

Mary Miller nominated Jodi Epp, Christian Brothers School: “When you’re in high school and grammar school, there are awards for everything,” Epp said. “When you get to be an adult, there are so few opportunities to get an award. To receive this acknowledgment from a student is the greatest honor.”

Emma Williams nominated Ximena Lopez, St. Edward the Confessor School: “Ms. Lopez made a huge impact on the confidence I have and how I look at myself,” Williams said. “She helped shape the person I am today by always pushing me to do my best. Ximena  Lopez is my favorite teacher for those reasons.”

Cabrini president Jack Truxillo said the awards are meaningful because they reveal the amazing impact a teacher can have on a student.

  “You have made an impression and had such an impact on your former students,” Truxillo said. “That itself speaks volumes.”

The 2019 Distinguished Educators were recognized at a gathering of family and friends in Cabrini’s Sacred Heart Chapel, followed by a reception in Alumnae Hall.

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