Make sure Mass is part of your Summer break!

By Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond
Kids Clarion

The long-awaited vacation time is almost here!

I know that your body is in the classroom, and your mind is on summer! I hope that your summertime will be a change of pace and give you an opportunity to enjoy some recreation.

Just a reminder that we do take vacation from school and from other disciplines in our lives, but we never take a vacation from God!

Please remember during the summertime, all of us should go to Mass every Sunday to receive the body and blood of Christ.

Likewise, we spend that time listening to God speak to us in the Scriptures. This is so important that we never ever take a vacation from God. He is our loving God. Jesus desires to be with us and to feed us.

Besides Mass on Sunday, please spend a few minutes every day when you wake up to thank God for a new day and before you go to bed at night, reviewing the day and asking him for his continued love and mercy in order for you to be a faithful disciple.

Thank you for being a part of the young church. I very much appreciate your life of faith. I am also grateful for the opportunity to write to you in the Kids’ Clarion.

May your summer be blessed.

A brother in Christ,

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