Recalling special moments with ‘baseball moms’

By Ed Daniels, Clarion Herald Sports

It is interesting what we remember about our moms. In the fall of 1969, I was a grade-school student at St. Jerome school in Kenner and had the following conversation with my mother.

Me: “Mom, it’s the World Series, Orioles vs. Mets, and I am just not feeling well.”

Ursula: “You know, you don’t look well. Why don’t you stay home and take it easy?”

Fifty-eight years with Mom, and still my favorite memory, being allowed to stay home and watch the World Series.

Back then, the Fall Classic was played in the afternoon.

I used to run from the bus to get home as fast as I could and watch some late innings. 

Not, on that day.

As I was speaking to colleagues about their moms last week, I quizzed my former TV colleague and friend of more than 40 years, Ro Brown.

His mother, Thelma, was an absolutely fantastic lady, especially on Oct. 13, 1960. That day, Mrs. Brown let one of her five children skip school to watch Game 7 of the World Series. Bill Mazeroski’s homer for the Pirates at Forbes Field beat the Yankees.

Mrs. Brown would tell her son, a Yankees fanatic, that she just could not make her fourth grader go to school.

And: “It breaks my heart to see you cry when the Yankees lose.”

How cool is that?

Delgado baseball coach Joe Scheuermann is blessed to have his mother, Maureen, at many of his games. Joe recently won his 1,000th game as Dolphins head coach. His mother looked on from the third-base stands.

Joe followed his legendary father, “Rags,” as coach of the Dolphins. When Rags and Maureen married June 20, 1959, his bride was not a baseball aficionado. But it did not take long to become one.

“Rags used to tell me all the time,” said Joe. “When we got married, your mother didn’t know there were three outs in an inning. But, it wasn’t long before she was telling me I left the pitcher in too long.”

“I don’t know where I would be without her,” says Brother Martin baseball coach Jeff Lupo of his bride Shannon. A mother of four, including 13-year-old triplets, Mrs. Lupo is the rock of the family.

As we watched Brother Martin practice, the head coach spoke in near reverence of the sacrifices his wife makes for their family.

Moms are just special. And, so are grandmothers.

Recently, I called Dominican softball coach Dawn Benoit and asked if she had time for an interview on a certain day. She did not – for good reason. Coach Benoit was watching her grandson Jaxson, something she does often.

When coach is practicing, one or both of her sisters steps in to pinch hit on baby-sitting duties.

One-year-old Jaxson is a lucky guy to have those three ladies doting over him. Of course, that’s what mothers and grandmothers do.

They are as dependable as a summer afternoon shower in New Orleans. And, they love us like no other.

Ed Daniels is sports director of ABC26 WGNO. He can be reached at

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