Power of Holy Spirit at charismatic conference

Story By Anne Clavin, Contributing Writer
Photos Courtesy Hope and Purpose Ministries

More than 600 people from the Gulf South attended the recent Catholic Charismatic Conference, which featured testimonies, teachings, liturgies, charismatic prayer and demonstrations of the healing power of God.

This year’s conference centered on the theme, “The Spirit of Truth – Signs, Wonders and Miracles.”

Barbara Heil, international evangelist and convert, shared her transformative journey to the Catholic faith and the multitude of healings and miracles she has witnessed in her ministries through the world.

“The key to evangelization is the invitation, ‘Come and see,’” Heil said.

Dr. Mary Healy, international evangelist and convert, spoke on “Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit.” In explaining the Scriptures about the Blessed Mother, Healy said, “Mary was the first evangelist going in haste to her cousin Elizabeth to share the good news of Jesus, while being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit.”

Casey Sprehe, a member of the National Service Committee, addressed “The Baptism of the Spirit,” saying the power of the “baptism of the Spirit” sets the sacramental life on fire.

Deacon Larry Oney and his wife Andi, founders of Hope and Purpose Ministries, led a session entitled “Anointing Fall on Us.”

“We have to set a level of expectation for a demonstration of the power of God,” Deacon Oney said.

At a healing service, Healy talked about God’s intention “not just to do miracles but to raise up miracle workers.”

Father Mathias Thelen, pastor and senior leader of Encounter Ministries in Michigan, said, “The Lord doesn’t just want to heal our bodies. He wants to heal our hearts forever in heaven.”

There was a demonstration of the healing power of God as at least 30 people came forward to share the healings they received that night. After prayer, there were reports of healing of lungs, backs, foot problems, eyes and neck, shoulder issues and fibromyalgia. The CCRNO Office continues to receive reports of other healings as well.

“When people come to know who Jesus is, they respond with extraordinary faith,” Father Thelen said. “We, as Catholics, need to remember that the church exists to evangelize, and everything we do is about bringing people back to the Father.”

The conference concluded with a eucharistic healing service led by Father Bill Henry and a Mass celebrated by Father Thelen.

After Communion, singer and songwriter Sean Tobin ushered in a sovereign visitation of the Holy Spirit and Mary when he sang “Overshadow Me.” The assembly exploded in praise and worship. Conference chairman Al Mansfield said he had never experienced a moment like that in the conference’s 43 years.

For more information, go to ccrno.org. Anne Clavin is a volunteer with CCRNO and is a member of the CCRNO Holy Spirit Women’s Retreat Team.

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