St. Christopher explores ‘science of weather’

Third graders at St. Christopher School in Metairie recently studied the science related to weather and climate – a unit that culminated with a Feb. 13 campus visit from Fox 8 meteorologist Shelby Latino. Before Latino’s visit, the students conducted two science investigations – “Cloud in a Bottle” and “Tornado in a Bottle” – and drew illustrations of different weather phenomena (above). Students got to ask questions after Latino read them the story of “Freddie the Frogcaster and the Terrible Tornado.”

They asked Latino about how she became a meteorologist, the required training, the hours she works and her assessment of global warming. Their other questions included:  “Why is the sky blue?” “Why are clouds white?” and “Does water evaporate at night?” Latino’s visit concluded with a trip outdoors to inspect the Fox 8 Storm Tracker van. Seventh graders at St. Christopher also are studying climate in science this year. (Photo courtesy of St. Christopher School)

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