St. Augustine football the subject of civil rights sports documentary

St. Augustine High School’s entrance into the all-white Louisiana High School Athletic Association through a federal court ruling in 1967 was an integral part of the civil rights movement in New Orleans.

Adversity came from many directions, including discriminatory officiating, unfavorable rulings that penalized the football program and a championship-game defeat. 

Head coach Otis Washington’s response was to always be resilient and use the setbacks as a life’s learning experience. 

One of Washington’s student-athletes who experienced the difficulties of the era was Oyd Craddock, who became a successful business executive and served his alma mater as an administrator for a short period of time. 

Craddock was a member of the school’s undefeated 1975 state championship team that became the pride of the Catholic League by winning three state titles in the 1970s.

Craddock’s experiences during inspired him to tell his “Before the West Coast” story and lead an artistically talented team in making it a reality. 

Through interviews with former teammates, sports journalists and Coach Washington, Craddock’s team produced a documentary to tell the Purple Knights’ story of trials and triumphs through proud eyes.

The 65-minute documentary in BluRay and DVD formats includes 20 scene selections within four chapters, 55 minutes of bonus interviews and the film trailer. The classically designed media box has a CD with 13 songs by the 1973 Marching 100 Band, and a 50-page photo book captured the discipline, perseverance and legacy of this sports civil rights story.

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