Brother Martin wouldn’t have liked the fuss

Photo by Peter Finney Jr. | CLARION HERALD

Sacred Heart Brother Martin Hernandez tried his best in 1969 to stop his fellow Brothers from naming their new high school on Elysian Fields Avenue after him, but they did it anyway because he was so beloved. On Jan. 22 in honor of the school’s 50th anniversary, a new bronze statue of Brother Martin, crafted by sculptor Kim Bernadas, was dedicated by the school and blessed by Father Kyle Dave, ’89. “Brother Martin Hernandez would not have liked this one bit,” Sacred Heart Brother Ronald Hingle said, smiling. “Like Jesus, his model, whom the crowd wanted to carry off and make a king, Brother Martin shied away from the limelight. Brother Martin’s solitary focus was the holistic formation of youth.” Click here for more. Also, check the Clarion Herald’s Facebook page for videos. 

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