How Catholic Radio, my job, enhanced my faith life

By Gaby Smith,, Clarion Herald

As a cradle Catholic, I’ve always valued my faith. My mother and father were great examples of the faith for my brother and me growing up. I always wanted to find ways to enhance my prayer life and my faith. I felt like I was constantly searching.

Aren’t we all, though?

Then, I discovered Catholic radio. I was amazed by the local shows it provided that were 100-percent Catholic! I realized that the Lord was not only calling me to tune in but calling me to work for the radio station.

Catholic radio has transformed my faith. Working with guests on the morning show has inspired me to be a better person. Hearing their stories has inspired me to keep up with what’s going on in the Vatican and our archdiocese. It’s taught me to greatly enhance my prayer life with my future spouse. It has taught me to become a better person.

Every day is something different. I’ve had the joy of hearing stories from listeners and conversion stories of how Catholic radio and Catholic media have transformed their life. I have also learned to trust in the Lord. I also have learned that the Lord greatly wants Catholic radio to exist, and he’s in charge. I’ve learned to pray for people I have never met and inform people about true, Catholic news.

It brings me joy and uplifts my soul to bring the Good News to those listening. This radio station is true joy. God is the director, the station manager and the producer. He guides us and tells us what to do.

I love hearing stories of how Catholic radio has deepened the faith of little ones. Many parents tune into the morning show while dropping their children off at school. Many write to me saying their child asked them to turn up the volume so they could hear a guest segment. I’m a firm believer that you never know who is listening. The Lord guides our voices and our words.

Catholic radio has transformed my faith, which, in turn, has formed me into a better mother for my son. I know that without a doubt, this station is transforming lives for Christ. So maybe for your next morning drive to school or work, tune into 690 AM and watch the Lord transform your life and your faith through your speakers.

Gaby Smith was born and raised in Baton Rouge, has always loved Tiger football and great food. Her works with Catholic Community Radio brought her to New Orleans where she manages the radio station. She has family in Texas and, soon, worldwide with her brother in the military. She loves her Catholic faith and strives to bring Catholic content and the Gospel through the air waves at work as an avid promoter of solid Catholic media. “God has shown me the beauty in everyday life and trials.” Her favorite things to do are spending time with family, cooking and traveling.

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