Christ brings light into our darkness

A blessed Christmas to you and all you hold in your heart!

In the quiet of the night, in the dark of the night, a young couple could not find a place to rest, and so they went to a stable.

In the quiet of the night and in the darkness, Mary gave birth, and they named their son Jesus.

That Jesus, born on this day, has become the light of the world and has brought light into the darkness of our world. He is the Son of God, the messiah of the world.

This Jesus was born to tell each and every one of us that we are the beloved daughter and the beloved son of God, and that God has claimed us as his own and called us by name.

The birth of this Jesus also tells us that he comes to bring light into our darkness, whatever darkness we may have in our hearts – whether it’s a question about ourselves, a question about our abilities, a question about a sin that we believe God cannot forgive, some tension in our family, some difficult decision that we’re faced with, or an illness.

Whatever the darkness brings, this Christ child comes to bring us light and hope and peace.

Each of us is called to accept that gift as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. My prayers are with you as we celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus. May he touch your heart and remind you that you are indeed the beloved and that you are called to live in his light.

Merry Christmas!

Most Rev. Gregory M. Aymond
Archbishop of New Orleans

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