Ursuline: ‘International Day of the Girl’

By Madalyn Kempton, Contributing writer, Clarion Herald

On Oct. 11, Ursuline Academy celebrated the “International Day of the Girl.” Before then, I had no idea what this day meant. 

In English II class, we researched girls from different countries. I chose Honduras and found two girls close to my age – Nakisha and Nancy. I learned about their daily lives and dropped a pin on a collaborative Google map with their photos and information. 

Nakisha’s story really impacted me. Being the same age, I’m shocked at how different her life is. Nakisha is responsible for her siblings and constantly worries about gang violence around her. Learning about Nakisha’s strength impressed me and  opened my eyes to the adversity she and other girls face. 

Other events held at Ursuline included first graders learning about leadership and how to develop their strengths by participating in a “Breakout EDU,” which provided an escape room within their classrooms, requiring girls to think critically, collaborate, use their creativity and communicate effectively to unlock the box. Four additional leadership lessons also were taught.

The International Day of the Girl is more than a date; it’s an opportunity to recognize the bravery and independence of girls around the world.

Madalyn Kempton is a sophomore at Ursuline Academy.

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