St. John Paul II statue documentary wins Vatican accolades for locals

Mirabile Dictu – the International Catholic Film Festival in Rome – bestowed high honors last week on a local documentary by Storyville Films entitled “The Monumental Journey.” The 40-minute documentary
depicts the “journey” associated with the crafting of a white Carrara marble statue of Pope John Paul II by Italian-born sculptor Franco Alessandrini, right, who has lived in New Orleans for the last 50 years. The statue now rests at the front entrance of St. Louis Cathedral, which Pope John Paul II visited in 1987. The project, which earned a top three rating for 2018 by Mirabile Dictu, was sponsored by the American Italian Cultural Center. The statue was crafted in Italy and blessed by Pope Francis. “The film is entertaining as well as informative,” said producer Sergio Lopez. “It shows how the Italian culture is connected to New Orleans and commemorates the visit of the pope.” Plans are underway to distribute the documentary. Call 522-7294 for more information or go to

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