Pro-life events highlight Respect Life week at Brother Martin

By Patrick Corcoran, Guest Column, Brother Martin High School

The Brother Martin Crusaders for Life and Justice Team coordinated a Respect Life Week recently that included adoption, the death penalty  and abortion.

Positive facts about adoption were posted in the hallways on the first day to call attention to the beauty of adoption. Junior T.J. Burgess read the morning prayer and explained that adoption is not giving up a child but rather giving the child a better chance at life. We were reminded that St.  Joseph being the foster father of Jesus was a great example to us.

Disheartening facts about the death penalty were posted the following day. I recited a morning prayer quoting Pope Francis on the church’s stance: “The death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person.”

Other activities included an interactive “Cemetery of the Innocents” represented by 2,500 flags displayed in campus’ backyard. This represented the number of abortions performed each day in the United States.

People may not think  2,500 is a large number until they witness a visual representation of it.

Senior Ryan O’Connor  wrote the morning prayer explaining the “Cemetery of the Innocents” display and other compelling facts about abortion in our state and in our country. We had last done this four years ago.

Crusaders for Life and Justice Team members participated in a morning Mass as readers and also by offering special intentions. Chaplain, Father Paul Hart ’70, gave an empowering homily, urging us to be warriors and voices for the unborn.

Respect Life Week concluded with junior Aidan Gibson reading a prayer to the  student body that summarized and reflected on the week. The prayer indicated that we all need to ask God for the courage to stand up for God’s gift of life.

“I think that the week had a very powerful impact on many of the students,” said senior Vincent Giovingo. “I liked how we covered more topics than just abortion. I also liked how informative the signs in the hallways were.”

God’s gift of life should be accepted and respected in all stages, at all times, by all people.

To continue fighting for life, we are planning our second annual “In Their Shoes” Kickball Tournament, shortly after the March for Life pilgrimage in January. We invite all local Catholic high school students to create a team and join us.  Event details will be sent out to schools.

Patrick Corcoran is a junior at Brother Martin High School  in New Orleans.

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