St. Pius X students are ‘on a mission’ in Art Club

By Beth Donze, Kids’ Clarion

California’s second-oldest mission church, 1770-built San Carlos Borromeo, was the recent focus of first- and second-grade members of St. Pius X School’s art club. First grader Kai Dominguez displays his finished piece (see photo at top).

After learning about the mission’s architecture and history – including its first Mass, celebrated by St. Junipero Serra – the young artists (including first grader Finley McDermott, above) were instructed by club moderator Cathy Vidos to include the following elements in their compositions: a stone church with a dome, bell tower and arched windows; and a courtyard of roses and olive trees. They also had to incorporate the church’s desert location in the San Lucia Mountains, which involved a lesson on perspective.

After giving their paper canvases a rustic texture with molding paste, Vidos’ students sketched out their drawings in pencil and colored them in with tempera sticks and markers. They finished their masterpieces on Oct. 1 by painting a bell in their church’s tower. “We all drew the same picture, but each one is beautiful and personal and different. I am so impressed with my students!” said Vidos, who teaches art at St. Pius X in addition to moderating the extra-curricular art club. Third-grade teacher Michelle Sule assists the club.


At left, finishing her mission scene, is first grader Caroline Crawford.







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