Cabrini brings home bacon for Hispanic Apostolate

Heather Pitre, Clarion Herald Guest Column

It has become a tradition at Cabrini High School that the current sophomore class annually hosts the “Sophomore Charity Challenge,” an event in which Cabrini sophomores and area Catholic boys’ high schools donate either five canned goods or $5 for admission to an evening of competitive games.

Proceeds are donated to a charity of the sophomore Student Council’s choice.

This year, the Hispanic Apostolate was the sophomore’s favored charity.

The Hispanic Apostolate provides assistance to Hispanic immigrants through a variety of pastoral services including food assistance as well as many other needed services. This is our mission as daughters of Mother Cabrini, patron of immigrants.

Hundreds of canned goods were collected and nearly $150 was donated during this year’s Sophomore Charity Challenge fundraiser Sept. 28 in Cabrini’s gymnasium.

“The Charity Challenge was a fun way to bring people together and make a difference by collecting donations to support Hispanic immigrants,” sophomore Veronica Kelley stated.

Along with receiving donations for the Hispanic Apostolate, lots of fun games were played by competing homerooms to get everyone in attendance excited. The games included an obstacle course, steal the bacon and dodgeball. After three games, there was a three-way tie, which led to a game of luck for an exciting tiebreaker.

“Playing all of the games with our homerooms was really fun and it helped us work together,” said sophomore Celeste Lovecchio.

The Catholic boys’ high schools in the area that were invited to participate included Jesuit, Brother Martin, Holy Cross, St. Augustine, Archbishop Rummel and Archbishop Shaw.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and have a great time at the Charity Challenge. The event would not have been as successful without the sophomore class Student Council and sophomore class coordinator Caitlin Duplantier.

The sophomore Student Council members delivered all of the donations to the Hispanic Apostolate during the first week of October.

Personally, my overall favorite part of the Sophomore Charity Challenge was hanging out with all of my friends and Cabrini sisters while benefitting a good cause!

Heather Pitre is sophomore Student Council Senator at Cabrini High School.

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