Listen to the tech – online tools to promote faith

By Greg Zambrano, Clarion Herald,

As we are in constant battle with ourselves to rely on God (Jesus, I Trust in You), being a parent seems like it is twice as hard of a job. One great resource for all is Catholic cell phone applications or phone apps. 

With various phone apps, one can assist his or her family’s catechizing and prayer time. Raising our children with the values of Jesus calls precisely for a strong connection with the Lord. We as parents make sure the family makes it to Mass on Sunday, and confession at least once a month.

At any stage, rhythm or subtopic of evangelization, we are not alone in the matter. Yes, we have God and the community of saints, but I’m suggesting using technology for a good purpose. 

Technology has been heaven-sent to assist in my family’s effort to further make our way towards salvation. 

Let me start off by mentioning that there are various Catholic phone apps available. Installing them on your phone and listening to them during your commute would be a great benefit to all passengers. In taking the example of religious people right from the moment we wake up, we think of God. 

Putting this into practice with your family is easier than you think. Try playing any of the following while dropping the kids at school: the readings of the day, liturgy of hours, holy rosary, Gregorian chants or consecration to Jesus through Mary. Countless novenas and prayers can be found online or at the app store. 

There is no mention of talk radio. Even though some have good information, I think mornings are the time of the day to talk to God.  Allowing your kids to listen to these prayers, especially during the morning quiet times in commute, allows the Lord to give families the divine assistance that everyone so desperately needs. 

If there happens to be a school Mass that morning, they will be well informed and ready to actually listen to what the readings are saying. 

If your commute is short and there’s no time to listen to the Catholic apps, plan another time of the day at home or work. Try also watching Catholic TV or EWTN. Numerous Catholic television stations, shows and movies can be found online as well. Technology is a great way to assist with our need for God through excellent Catholic values and teachings found online.    

Greg Zambrano was born in Colombia and raised in Miami, Florida. After serving in both the Marine Corps and the Air Force for a total of 10 years, he became a stay-at-home father. He and his wife have been married for 17 years and have two beautiful daughters who attend Catholic school. They enjoy going to nearby parks and playgrounds, especially when the weather cools down. Also as a family, they enjoy going to the movies, eating at restaurants and attending Mass on Saturday at Our Lady of Prompt Succor Shrine on State Street.

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