Daughter taught me: God is multilingual

By Ana Borden, Guest Column, NolaCatholicParenting Blog

Yesterday, as my oldest child studied Spanish, she stated, “Did you know God speaks every language?”

It is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things she has said. In that statement, she proved that God is universal, all loving, all understanding and all knowing.

It is in these genuine moments that God reveals himself to us. And the intriguing thing I have learned as a parent is that we are not actually teaching our children, but that they are teaching us. Their perspective and innocence expose us to the tenderness and true meaning of the gift of life.

In our constantly changing, chaotic and imperfect world, it’s easy to miss these moments where God reveals himself to us. How often have we not said “Thank you” when someone held the door for us or not used our turn signal or paid more attention to our cell phone than our loved ones.

We are always in a rush to do or go somewhere – but children have the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Their inner peace and happiness radiates, and who does not want that joy in their life?

Just like learning another language, our Catholic faith flourishes with time, experiences and connects us to our community. It is a constant study that evolves and gives us purpose and balance. This is why I, more than ever, want and choose to be a faithful disciple of Jesus and stand up and speak with conviction about my faith because our little ones are actually not little. They are wise, reflective and amazing examples of God’s presence.

It is because of them that I want to pray, turn over my fears and doubts to the Lord, protect them from all evil and be a part of their journey in the Catholic faith. I, too, want our children to find comfort in the Lord’s name, his timeline, to feel his presence and know they are always loved, even when they doubt our love for them, feel insecure or confused.

Just as my faith is a progression of life experiences, listening and acting on the living world and inner reflectiveness, I, too, want to provide the tools for their life-long journey knowing and loving God.

What have you learned from your children about your Catholic faith? 

Ana Batista Borden is a native New Orleanian, wife, mother, architect and Roman Catholic. She and husband Brad juggle their own businesses while finding balance navigating life with little ones in the Catholic faith and as active parishioners at their church. She enjoys walking adventures with her family, wedding cake snowballs and drawing and painting anything that has to do with buildings. Her favorite quote is from St. Mother Teresa: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” 

Borden is a contributor to the Clarion Herald’s new NOLA Catholic Parenting weekly column, and blog on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at www.nolacatholicparenting.org. 

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