St. Paul’s School renovates historic building

By Sean Hightower, Clarion Herald

Benilde Hall, the 1960s-era, three-story building at St. Paul’s School that once housed a dorm, classrooms and a library, has been renovated.

Since the spring, exterior bricks have been restored and the building’s facade has been changed to create a  more modern and appealing look. An elevator shaft and a second stairwell were added along with new bathrooms. Also added were a patio  and covered breezeway that surrounds the building and provides shelter from the rain  during inclement weather.

The renovation required a few subjects to be taught in different classrooms and offices to be shifted to different floors. The campus minister’s office, the Mothers’ Club bookstore and the media production classes (The Paper Wolf, The Guerrilla Wolves and yearbook) are on the first floor, which has a new coffee station and open seating with hookups for cell phones, tablets and laptops. 

The renovation created additional classroom spaces across the campus. The Core Pack  moved to a large, empty Lasalle Hall classroom.

Many students helped move desks, books and other supplies in and out of Benilde Hall before and after its renovation. 

Overall, the improvements made to Benilde Hall have revived the 107-year old campus and ushered in a new era for St. Paul’s. The building is dedicated to St. Benilde, an extraordinary Christian Brother to whom students pray each day.

Sean Hightower is a junior at St. Paul’s School.

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