Cabrini students honor former teachers

Four elementary school teachers were honored on May 9 with the Distinguished Educator Award given annually by Cabrini High students for positively impacting their lives and preparing them well for high school. 

Cabrini High School’s 2018 Distinguished Educators  were Heath Barker, Christian Brothers School, nominated by Josie Posey; Rochelle Boulet, St. Pius X School, nominated by Eleanor Detweiler and Cara Grant; Chris LeBlanc, Atonement Lutheran School, nominated by Sophie Brodtmann; and Rebecca Nelson, Waldorf School of New Orleans, nominated by Claire Labbe.

Cabrini student Eleanor Detweiler wrote of Boulet: “(She) is one of my favorite teachers because she taught us more than what she had written in her lesson plan; she made class fun. She taught me to respect everyone. She made me believe I could do things I thought were impossible.”

Barker, of Christian Brothers School, said the award was “the most meaningful I could receive because it is student-generated. It’s one thing to get an award from your peers, but to be recognized by a student – it is an amazing feeling.” 

  Jack Truxillo, Cabrini High School president, said teachers have an enormous, lifetime impact.

“There is a saying, ‘We plant trees under whose shade we shall not sit,’” Truxillo said. “This applies to educators who plant trees but may never see the results of their efforts. Ours is generally not a profession of immediate gratification or instant results, but be assured, the work you do is valued. It is recognized, and you are respected.

“The work that you do as educators will carry on and be evident in the massive oaks that your students will become, dropping acorns, and spreading roots and your good work well into the future.”

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