Hispanic Apostolate gala raises $24,000

Photo by Christine Bordelon | CLARION HERALD

The Hispanic Apostolate of the Archdiocese of New Orleans held its annual fundraising gala June 22 in Metairie.

Themed “Welcome Back to School,” the sold-out event raised about $24,000 for scholarships to be given to Hispanic students whose families struggle with tuition at Catholic schools. The Julio and Cesar band provided the music for the evening, playing tunes from several Hispanic countries.



Dominican Father Sergio Serrano thanked those in attendance for their generosity, which helps keep Hispanic children in Catholic schools. Over the past year, the scholarship fund helped seven students. He hoped he would have enough money next year to award more scholarships. “When you are generous, all these kids are beneficiaries of your generosity,” he said. Representatives of the archdiocese’s immigration and refugee department were on hand to answer questions attendees might have. To make a donation to the scholarship fund, call the Hispanic Apostolate at 467-2550.

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