How does Pope Francis communicate?

Natasa Govekar, director of the theological-pastoral department of the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication, told nearly 300 Catholic journalists today in Green Bay that he uses everyday “pills of wisdom” and “capsules of love.” The pope’s love for Jesus Christ has impelled him to share that love with others, Govekar told participants of the 2018 Catholic Media Conference #CMCTitletown.

The pope’s Instagram account @Franciscus reaches 5.6million people, many who are not Catholic. Responses to his gestures of consoling a disabled child or reaching out to a senior have brought incredible responses from non-Catholics, Govekar said. One response read: “Can you please stop making me fall more in love with you every day.” A Muslim said: “I think you are perfect, Mr. Pope.” A non-believer wrote: “This is so inspiring … omg … even though I am an atheist.”

The pope has 47 million Twitter followers @Pontifex – including 17.9 million in English and 16.8 million in Spanish. “It’s not a communications strategy,” Govekar said. “It is the logic of love.”




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