15 teens are named St. Timothy Award recipients

The CYO/Youth and Young Adult Ministry bestowed the St. Timothy Award on 15 teenagers who have excelled in volunteer service to their Catholic church, school and community April 29 at St. Louis Cathedral.

The awards were presented by Archbishop Gregory Aymond to the following:

  • Bradley Bouton, Mary Queen of Peace Parish, Mandeville: He is a youth group junior core team member, youth lector for his parish, member of Teen CROSS, senior patrol leader for his Boy Scout troop and a student council member at his school. “He is an extraordinary young man who exudes his faith conviction in both word and deed,” his confirmation catechist said.
  • Anna Katherine Broussard, St. Anselm Parish, Madisonville: She has served on her school’s student council, Teen CROSS and is governor of the Louisiana/Mississippi/Tennessee district of Key Club International. Her advice to rising teen leaders is to “thank God for getting you this far, and trust him to get you where he needs you to be.” Her former youth minister said: “She reaches out to everyone! She sees only Christ and is always trying to be his hands, feet and heart.”
  • Ryan Guillot, St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Metairie: He is a member of Teen CROSS, president of his CYO, on the boards of his school’s campus ministry team and Pro-Life Club, and an extraordinary minister of holy Communion and music minister for his parish. “He is a strong man of faith. He loves being Catholic and is a very faith-filled disciple of Jesus Christ,” said his parish priest. His campus minister said, “He leads first through example, and follows it up, when necessary, with words.”
  • Amber Lupo, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Slidell: Her leadership highlights include Teen CROSS, extraordinary minister of holy Communion, lector, student council and campus ministry at her school and president of the varsity cheerleading team. She describes servant leadership as “(putting) others before yourself to lead them closer to Christ.” Her campus minister said she “rises to any task before her, meeting challenges with a strong will and can-do attitude.”
  • Mia Robertson, St. Raymond/St. Leo Parish, New Orleans: Described by her elders as “a role model for her peers and sisters and brothers in Christ,” her leadership roles include being captain of her cross country and track and field teams, a participant in the Catholic Leadership Institute and an extraordinary minister of holy Communion,  lector and member of the pastoral council at her parish. What pushes her to be so involved is “being able to openly acknowledge all the wonderful things God has done for (me),” she said.
  • Jake Theriot, St. Clement of Rome Parish, Metairie: He is a member of Teen CROSS, president of his school’s campus ministry, an extraordinary minister of holy Communion, a lector and an altar server. “His faith penetrates his life and flows through his actions,” his youth minister said. His former youth minister said, “He is a great example of what it means to be the church – the hands and feet of Jesus.”
  • Katie Pomes, St. Christopher the Martyr Parish, Metairie: Her leadership endeavors include Teen CROSS, student council, student ambassadors, the Come, Lord Jesus program and the Catholic Leadership Institute. “(She) has a fire for service burning strong on the inside,” her CYO director said.
  • Travis Himel, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Belle Chasse: His leadership highlights include serving on Teen CROSS, being an usher, altar server, extraordinary minister of holy Communion and on the team for the Catholic Leadership Institute. “What stands out most (about him) is the genuine disposition of humility and joy that undergirds his servant leadership,” his pastor said. His CYO coordinator said he goes “out of his way to counsel others and make them feel welcome and accepted.”
  • Lucy Hood, St. Dominic Parish, New Orleans: She has served in numerous leadership roles for her CYO, including team coordinator of peer ministry, Teen CROSS representative, Catholic Leadership Institute and captain of her school’s swim team. She says her “goal as a leader is to get people closer to God (and to) let them know they are not alone.” Her youth minister describes her as “a young woman with a dedication and passion for life, her faith, God and his Church.”
  • Emma Duckworth, St. Benilde Parish, Metairie: She is a member of Teen CROSS, a CYO board member and a member of her high school’s retreat team and music ministry in her high school. “(Her) choices and actions show that she loves Christ and strives to share his love with the world,” said a former teacher.
  • Christopher Arroyo, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Slidell: He has served on Teen CROSS, the CCRNO work crew and as an usher, altar server, lector and extraordinary minister of holy Communion for his parish. “(He) is a cheerful, committed Catholic who is unashamed to share his faith story with his peers,” said his high school president.
  • Halle Briede, St. Francis Xavier Parish, Metairie: Her leadership highlights include Teen CROSS representative, CYO president, altar server in her parish and serving her high school’s music ministry and retreat team. “(She) is a committed servant leader who will continue to spread God’s love and light to all, well into her future,” her youth minister said.
  • Michael Delesdernier, St. Angel Merici Parish, Metairie: He is on Teen CROSS, an altar server, extraordinary minister of holy Communion, team member for the Catholic Leadership Institute and director of Christian Initiative and a peer minister at his high school. “When I serve, I see God in those I serve, and that helps me further my relationship with Christ,”  he said. Said a former teacher: “(He) is not moved by reward or recognition; he is moved by love of God and commitment to Christ’s church.”
  • Tanner Olsen, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Belle Chasse: His leadership highlights include Teen CROSS, CYO executive board, student council, president of his school’s pro-life club and executive board for student ministry, lector, altar server and extraordinary minister of holy Communion. He “continues working within our community … because he sees the need and wants to do his part to make a difference,” his CYO coordinator said. “(His) growth and maturation is best seen in his actions toward his peers as he encourages them to serve in ways beyond their comfort zone,” his pastor said.
  • Kenneth Morris, St. Anselm Parish, Madisonville: He is a member of Teen CROSS, lector and altar server for both his parish and archdiocesan liturgies. He trains altar servers for his parish, and, while a member of his parish youth group, was instrumental in the founding of a Junior CYO, which he now helps lead. “He doesn’t seek the prominent roles, but will serve where the need exists … he has allowed the light of Christ to work in and through him,” said the associate director of the archdiocesan Office of Worship.
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