When a storm knocked out the lights, the power of baptism shone through


Stuart Hall second grader Dawson Huckabay was baptized April 14 amid the distractions of a tornado watch, pouring rain and ear-splitting thunder.

When the power went out inside St. Mark Church in Ama just as the ceremony was about to begin, Father Edward Lauden, St. Mark’s pastor, conferred the sacrament with the assistance of cell phone flashlights held by members of Dawson’s family. Dawson’s Stuart Hall religion teacher, Jeannette Dufrene, said Dawson “fell in love” with his grade’s focus on sacramental preparation this year.

“He also saw the witness that many of his classmates gave after they received their first reconciliation. … Dawson wanted to receive the Holy Spirit and belong to Jesus’ family in the church. The boys learned what ‘grace’ means, and Dawson wanted that!” Dawson is the son of Gary and Martha Huckabay.

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