St. Aug’s video team earns $2,000 to upgrade equipment


The St. Augustine High School Film and Media Team members are Tre Prout, Jalen Hinton, Phillip Petty III, Martin Mercadel, Jeremy Jordan, Brandon Williams, Trejean Boudreaux, Aaron Bell, Trevor Prout, Cameron Hudson DaQuan Jefferson, Lance Williams, Patrick Jackson-Muhammed, Angelo Aubry, Tyler Wilson, Jayaun Harris, Mark Joseph Jr., Braden Lewis, Kolby Washington, Trey Causey and faculty advisor Mark Paul.

Film and Media team members at St. Augustine High School students recently won top honors in Louisiana in the Coca-Cola Company’s “POWERADE® Power Your School” video essay contest. Winning schools nationwide earned $2,000 each to upgrade and purchase new equipment by producing a winning one-minute video, “Share the Power,” that highlighted how students power through the day. 

Team members were recognized for their award-winning work during the school’s annual St. Joseph’s Day Mass celebration. 

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