Friends celebrate the life of local hero Rusty Staub

Friends, family, former Jesuit schoolmates and coaches gathered at The Cannery to pay tribute to the late Daniel “Rusty” Staub who died on March 29 at age 73. 

Rusty’s brother, Chuck, was one of several speakers to celebrate the former major league slugger’s life. Staub’s first two coaches, Firmin Simms (Bunny Friend Playground) and Kevin Trower (Jesuit), told stories of the 23-year veteran of four teams. 

Photos by Ron Brocato | CLARION HERALD

The Staubs’ high school coach at Jesuit, Kevin Trower, was one of several speakers to reminisce about the years Rusty and Chuck spent playing for his state and American Legion national championship teams.


Firmin Simms, who coached Rusty and Chuck Staub at Bunny Friend Playground before their high school days, recounts stories of the boys growing up in the Bywater area of New Orleans.





Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams visited the Staubs in 1961 as a scout for his former team. Rusty Staub, right, was a highly touted slugger at Jesuit when Williams watched him play. At left, Chuck Staub looks on.

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