AOL photographers learn to shoot the right angles


Academy of Our Lady’s Photography Club members ventured to Uptown New Orleans recently for inspiration and to put their photography skills to the test. The students rode a streetcar down St. Charles Avenue and lunched at Audubon Park for inspiration.  

“When I went on the photography field trip I learned that you have to think out of the box,” said junior Kaitlyn Gegenheimer.  “You try to take pictures from different angles that you usually wouldn’t. You should also have good lighting that suits your photo. We were told to try to take photos from ground view to make our photos pop more. I also learned that you shouldn’t take just one photo and call it a day. You should take as many as you can from different angles and of different things.”Her classmate, junior Megan Dufrene, said she learned other interesting techniques on the outing.

“One that I found most useful was how to angle my photos,” Dufrene said. “In my picture I had a lamp on a fence as my main focus, but the background was also important. I have many shots of the same thing, but from different points of view. For one, I had the side of the house in view rather than the front. It didn’t look as good as I would have liked, so I changed the angle to the front of the house, and it truly made a difference. … I learned that angles are important to transform a picture from OK to great.”

Academy of Our Lady’s Photography Club members are Riley Do, Milea Tran, Emily Parker, Kaitlyn Camus, Emilie Adams, Hannah Dufrene, Taylor Bravender, Megan Dufrene,  Kaitlyn Gegenheimer, Marlyce Perry, Shea Pineda, Janette Pina, Emma Palmisano and Allie Burt.

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