Career Day helps students explore vocation options

By Mariah Gale, Caroline Herbert
Clarion Herald, Contributing writers

High school students, specifically upperclassman, are often unsure of their identity. The future is marbled with the fear of not fitting into a societal mold, and reassurance is needed to strengthen their adherence to a career goal. 

On March 21, Mount Carmel Academy alumnae visited their alma mater to showcase the benefits and challenges of diverse careers. Many students were excited to hear what their futures could look like.

Career Day at MCA instilled a higher sense of security in the girls and gave a stronger awareness of self and direction.

More than half of those who spoke at Career Day were Mount Carmel alumnae, a close bond that allowed the girls to form a connection with the speakers.

As the inevitable college years approach, the senior class found solace in the rotating talks. Claire Klein, a senior, said seeing an alumna come for career day gave her a greater confidence in her future.

“Hearing someone who has the same educational roots as me and is very successful gives me the confidence I need to pursue anything I have a desire for,” Klein said.  

The students asked many questions, allowing them to get a better insight into certain careers such as journalism, business and nursing. Questions concerning the amount of school needed, the coursework and how to manage a family and a job offered the students more knowledge on specific job fields. The presentations reassured the girls, helped to expand their horizons and reminded them that a Mount Carmel education, coupled with their burning passion and strong work drive, supplies them with the tools needed to prosper in any field.

Mount Carmel students Mariah Gale and Caroline Herbert collaborated on this column.

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