Academy of Our Lady inducts students into several honor societies


Academy of Our Lady held its Honor Society Induction Ceremony Jan. 19 where students were inductee into various honor societies including Mu Alpha Theta, National Art Honor Society, National English Honor Society, National French Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, RHO Kappa Social Studies Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society.

Mu Alpha Theta Inductees 2018: The chief purpose of Mu Alpha Theta is to encourage deeper and more effective interest in mathematics. Members are admitted to this honor society because they have shown unusual interest and superior promise in the study of mathematics. They help others to understand the value of mathematics and inspire one another to see mathematics as a language by which scientists dialog with the universe and learn its mysteries.

Back Row (left to right): Sophomore Madison Hill, of Westwego; senior Emily Berthelot, of Harvey; senior Hannah Dufrene, of Avondale; senior Caroline Lassere, of Marrero; senior Alexandria Raney, of Marrero; senior Joli Rich, of Westwego; sophomore Amally Abdeljabar, of Gretna; senior Morgan Blankenship, of Harvey; sophomore Lindsey Nguyen, of Harvey; senior Jenny Nguyen, of New Orleans; sophomore Hannah Autry, of Marrero; junior Anastasia Azore, of Harvey; junior Amelia Russell, of Marrero; junior Zarifa Abdeljabar, of Gretna; sophomore Amy Hoang, of Marrero; sophomore Julia Mai, of Marrero; junior Georgette Toups, of Gretna; junior Abby Heitmeier, of Marrero; sophomore Taylor Hamback, of Bridge City; senior Delaney Picou, of Belle Chasse and junior Kristin Garland, of Gretna.

Front Row (left to right): Sophomore Bailey Ledet, of Marrero; junior Hailey Lovell, of Marrero; junior Tyrolynn Penn, of Waggaman; junior Megan Russell, of Gretna; junior Yunge Zhang, of Marrero; junior Michaela Thaibinh, of Marrero; junior ViTuong Nguyen, of New Orleans; junior Franchesca Basalo, of Metairie; junior Danielle Poussard, of Harvey; junior Olivia Bernard, of Gretna and junior Alexandra Mahler, of Westwego. Not pictured: Senior Laurel Adams, of Marrero; junior Madeline Boudreau, of Harvey; junior Jaylynn Dibble, of Gretna; sophomore Lindsey Ferguson, of Marrero; sophomore Ellie Green, of Harvey; sophomore Mallory Hines, of Avondale; junior Katelyn Luebbert, of Belle Chasse; junior Michelle Luu, of Harvey and junior Bailey Ziegel, of Marrero.


NAHS Inductees 2018:The purpose of the National Art Honor Society is to recognize those students who demonstrate outstanding ability in the arts. The Academy of Our Lady Chapter works to promote the arts in school and in the community through art scholarships, character and service.

Back row (left to right): Junior Onyiyechi Mmonu,  senior Alison Tapie, sophomore Nicole Guillot, senior Alexus Jolly, senior Alexandria Raney and junior Kayla Crowden. Front row (left to right): senior Desiree Poche’,  sophomore Elizabeth Bybee,  sophomore Kayli Custodio, junior Nokomis Rocker and junior Thu Pham. Not Pictured: Emily Bates,  Claire Clayton, Nha Nugyen, Emily Rivere,  Megan Rivere and freshman Kimmy Tran.

NEHS Inductees 2018: The National English Honor Society strives to confer distinction upon secondary school students for high achievement in English language arts and literature. It encourages interest in English language arts, promotes exemplary character and good fellowship among its members, and serves society by fostering literacy. Back row (left to right): sophomore Sarah Gassenberger, sophomore Emily Gassenberger,  junior Viviann Manning,  junior Hailie Childs, sophomore Nicole Guillot,  junior Megan Russell, senior Jenny Nguyen, sophomore Hannah Autry,  junior Zarifa Abdeljabar, sophomore Lauren Baldassaro, junior ViTuong Nguyen, junior Amelia Russell, junior Abby Heitmeier, sophomore Amber Verdin,  junior Emily Parker,  junior Madison Graefenstein,  senior Delaney Picou, sophomore Amy Hoang, junior Olivia Arnold, sophomore Natalie Bui,  junior Samantha Arnold,  junior Alyra Youyoute,  junior Georgette Toups,  junior Olivia Bernard, sophomore Taylor Hamback, senior Sarah Judson,  junior Alexandra Mahler  and sophomore Lorynn Coulon.

Front row (from left): junior Tyrolynn Penn, sophomore Cambre Vegas, sophomore Hannah Este, senior Heaven Cooper, senior Madison Nguyen, sophomore Lindsey Nguyen, sophomore Gillian Decossas, sophomore Julia Mai, junior Franchesca Basalo, sophomore Kayli Custodio,  sophomore Melanie Ros, junior Alexia Nguyen,  junior Danielle Poussard and sophomore Emilie Boudreaux. Not pictured: Kylie BabinNia Berry, Alyssa Bordelon, Claire Clayton, Victoria Davis-Abad, Gianna Ezeb, Lindsey Ferguson, Ellie Green Laila Griffin, Alexis Guidry and junior Bailey Ziegel.


FHS Inductees 2018: The goal of the French Honor Society is to stimulate interest in the study of French, to promote high standards of scholarship, to reward scholastic achievements, to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of francophone culture, to promote and perpetuate international friendship, and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the French-speaking world. Left to right: senior Heaven Cooper, senior Sarah Judson, sophomore Hannah Autry, sophomore Gillian Decossas and junior Hailey Lovell.




SNHS Inductees 2018:  Science National Honor Society shall encourage participation in and recognition of scientific and intellectual thought, to advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern services, to communicate with the scientific community, to aid the civic community with its comprehension of science, and to encourage students to participate in community service and, in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all mankind.

Back row (left to right): sophomore Hannah Autry,  sophomore Gillian Decossas, sophomore Lorynn Coulon, sophomore Amally Abdeljabar, sophomore Leigha Cox, senior Josette Huynh, senior Caroline DiPascal, sophomore Amy Hoang and sophomore Lindsey Nguyen.

Front row (from left to right): junior Yunge Zhang, junior Megan Russell, junior Zarifa Abdeljabar,  junior Georgette Toups,  junior Amelia Russell,junior Alexandra Mahler and junior Danielle Poussard. Not pictured: Kristan Dufrene, Lindsey Ferguson, Mallory Hines, Lauren Michel, Hailee Richard, Erica Rossi, Sandy Vo and jBailey Ziegel.


RHO Kappa Inductees 2018: Rho Kappa recognizes excellence in the field of social studies. Academy of Our Lady is honored to be enrolled among the ranks of those who demonstrate an ability to conduct research and inquiry in the field of social studies and exhibit a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for social studies, scholarship and service.

Back row (from left): junior Megan Russell, senior Britney Braud, senior Hannah Dufrene, junior Emily Parker, senior Jenny Nguyen, junior Zarifa Abdeljabar,  junior Abby Heitmeier and senior Delaney Picou.

Front row (left to right): junior Michaela Thaibinh, junior Yunge Zhang, junior Samantha Arnold, junior Alexia Nguyen, junior Madison Graefenstein,  junior Georgette Toups,  junior Amelia Russell and junior Alexandra Mahler. Not pictured:  Laurel Adams, Magen Authement, Kylie Babin, Hannah Bauer, Alyssa Bordelon, Kristan Dufrene, Gianna Ezeb, Tyrolynn Penn, Abbey Rodivich and Morgan Winstead.


Spanish Honor Society Inductees 2018: Academy of Our Lady’s Spanish Honor Society is an academic honor society whose purpose is to recognize high achievement in Spanish studies at the secondary level and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic studies. Membership is conferred on those students of good character who have shown academic excellence as well as an interest in the language, culture and civilization of the Hispanic world.

Back row (left to right): Senior Caroline DiPascal,  senior Taylor Bravender, of Gretna; senior Hannah Dufrene, senior Emily Berthelot, senior Calli Nguyen, senior Breanna Perkins, senior Dan Do,  junior Emily Parker, sophomore Amally Abdeljabar, senior Jenny Nguyen, junior Olivia Arnold, junior Zarifa Abdeljabar, junior Georgette Toups,  junior Abby Heitmeier, junior Amelia Russell, senior Delaney Picou and junior Alexandra Mahler.

Front row (left to right): senior Emerald Newsham,  senior Kylie Creppel, junior Mariela Lirette, junior Madison Graefenstein, senior Madison Nguyen,  junior Franchesca Basalo and sophomore Sarah Theriot. Not pictured: Jaylynn Dibble, Gianna Ezeb, Mallory Hines, Katelynn Luebbert and junior Abbey Rodivich.


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