Abp. Aymond: Human dignity for all

The news media is buzzing with reports of what President Trump said or did not say about Haiti and Africa during a meeting with Congressional leaders in the Oval Office. The president says he did not use the offensive words that have been attributed to him by some participants in the meeting. There is no recording of the conversation.

What is one to believe?

Regardless of whatever was said or not said, it is important to talk about some basic principles of respect for all people and nations as well as about our shared human dignity.

Our human value and dignity are not contingent on what nation we belong to and certainly not on our economic status or our race. Many people living in other countries are bound by circumstances beyond their control such as poverty and ineffective governmental structures. We have an obligation to reach out to these people.

The Catholic bishops of the United States have never supported the notion of open borders, but instead have advocated for an immigration system that is functional. We have a moral obligation to reach out to those who are trying to avoid persecution and death, to those who are seeking a safe life for themselves and their children, and to those who sincerely wish to start a new life.

– Abp. Gregory Aymond

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