Cabrini challenges middle-school students in math

Cabrini High School’s Mu Alpha Theta club hosted its third annual free Middle School Math Tournament for boys and girls Sept. 30. Students were not allowed to bring a calculator for any tests. Awards were given to students who placed first through sixth on the individual or team tests, and the top three scoring schools on the interschool test received a school trophy.

Tournament results:

  •  Interschool winners: Lake Castle Private School, first;  Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy, second; McGehee School, third; Holy Name of Jesus School, fourth; Brother Martin High, fifth; Immaculate Conception School, sixth.
  • 6th grade, individual winners: Lake Castle’s Jessica Nguyen, first; St. Benilde’s Drew Rivera, second; McGehee’s Ava Zander, third;  Lake Castle’s Natalie Nguyen, fourth; Lake Castle’s Tina Nguyen, fifth; Immaculate Conception’s Hazel Walker, sixth.
  • 7th grade, individual winners: Lake Castle’s Jennifer Huynh, first; Shaan Daigre from St. Benilde, second; Lake Castle’s Amy T. Nguyen, third; Lake Castle’s Christian Nguyen, fourth; Christ the King’s Jaden Armond, fifth; Visitation of Our Lady’s Emma Scobel, sixth.
  • Pre-algebra, individual winners: Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology’s Mason Mackie, first; Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology’s Derek Che, second; Lake Castle’s Amy Le Nguyen, third; Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology’s Javier Torres, fourth; Holy Name’s  Christina Rareshide, fifth; Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology’s Ameen Abdalbati, sixth.
  • Algebra I individual winners: Lake Castle’s Jennifer Tran, first; Patrick F. Taylor’s Veronica Nguyen, second; Brother Martin’s Kyle Borde, third; Patrick Taylor’s Faith Kelley, fourth; Patrick Taylor’s Mason Howard, fifth; Lake Castle’s Ryan Hoang, sixth.
  • Grade 6 Team test winners:  Lake Castle, first; McGehee, second; Immaculate Conception, third; Visitation of Our Lady, fourth; St. Benilde, fifth; Christ the King, sixth.
  • 7th Grade Team winners:  Lake Castle, first;  St. Benilde, second; Patrick F. Taylor, third; McGehee, fourth; Visitation of Our Lady, fifth; Immaculate Conception, sixth.
  • Pre-Algebra Team winners: Patrick F. Taylor, first; Holy Name of Jesus, second; Lake Castle, third; McGehee, fourth; Christ the King, fifth; Immaculate Conception, sixth.
  • Algebra I Team winners: Lake Castle, first; Patrick F. Taylor, second; McGehee, third; Brother Martin, fourth; Cabrini High, fifth.
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