Hidden artwork abounds in the ‘City of the Dead’

Photos by Frank J. Methe | CLARION HERALD

New Orleans philanthropist and art collector Chapman Henry Hyams, who made millions in the stock market, financed the construction of a Greek temple mausoleum in Metairie Cemetery at the end of the 19th century that included a rare monument – “The Angel of Grief” – sculpted by William Story (full image below).





Other statues of the Angel of Grief are located in Rome and on the campus of Stanford University, but the New Orleans angel is the only one with a scroll in the front (see left) bearing the names of a dozen deceased New Orleans artists.


At right is the tomb in Metairie  Cemetery of Pinckney BentonStewart Pinchback, a Union Army officer who became the first African-American governor of a U.S. state, serving briefly during Reconstruction as Louisiana governor from Dec. 9, 1872 to Jan. 13, 1873. He died in 1921.




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