St. Paul’s places second in math sweepstakes

St. Paul’s math faculty and Mu Alpha Theta math honor society members hosted the 23rd St. Paul’s math tournament at the Briggs Assembly Center. More than 400 students from approximately 23 schools competed.

Individual St. Paul’s winners were Walker Dubreuil, second, and Camden Cantrelle, honorable mention, pre-algebra; Scott Woodard, second, Jake Holincheck, Mac Barberito, honorable mention, Algebra I; Adam Smith, first, James Bradford, second, Brenden Dauterive, third, Collin Murray and Blake Bollinger, honorable mention, geometry; Blake Ramsey, Jackson Gold, Cullen Irwin, honorable mention, Algebra II.

In team competition, winners were Kasen Shaw, Alex Dusang, Thomas Cazenavette, Camden Cantrelle, first, Trent Caime, Walker Dubreuil, William Ditta, Alex Tepper, third, pre-algebra. In an Algebra I/geometry test, Scott Woodard, Joey Gioe, Adam Smith and James Bradford placed first, and Jake Holincheck, Ben Broussard, Jacob Pichon and Collin Murray placed third.

John Paul Bourgeois, Stephen Millet, Darrin Lea, Andrew Lacoste, third in geometry/Algebra II test. Blake Ramsey, Jackson Gold, Cullen Irwin and Ross Hightower first in Algebra II ciphering. St. Paul’s was second in sweepstakes. The competition continues until the Mu Alpha Theta convention in Baton Rouge in the spring. Susan Jordan and Pam Cullen sponsor the Mu Alpha Theta group.

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