Sacred Heart senior reflects on life

The Academy of the Sacred Heart (ASH) seniors spent Sept. 18-19 participating in their final class retreat. It’s a spiritual tradition at Sacred Heart during upper school years that provides an opportunity for students to reflect, bond and pray in a setting – away from school – free from outside distractions or school commitments.

The Class of 2018’s senior retreat centered on the theme of life, giving seniors a chance to spiritually and mentally step back and examine their own lives as they prepare for the transition from high school to college.

Upon arrival at Lumen Christi Retreat Center in Schriever, Louisiana, the seniors gathered as a community for games and prayer. They were later divided into small groups for discussions about vocations and beliefs and to work on reflective art projects to share with peers.

After two teachers shared personal stories, students participated in a moment of togetherness and were gifted with letters written to their “future selves” from when they were in eighth, ninth, 10th and 11th grade and surprised by letters from their parents.

This emotional activity inspired seniors to write letters to their “college-age selves,” to be mailed by the school after graduation.

A sense of unity and high spirits was gained from the retreat.

“Senior retreat was a great experience,” senior Sophie Liberto shared. “I feel like I grew closer to God, myself and others.”

This last senior retreat bonded classmates in a way we surely will continue to feel, both during our final school year together and even after our years at Sacred Heart are over.

Elise Garvey is a senior at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans.

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