‘40 Days for Life’ needs peaceful, prayerful presence

Individuals and groups have the opportunity to take a stand with others to promote life and end abortion by participating in the 2017 “40 Days for Life” effort through Nov. 5.

Louisiana Right to Life Federation, which has participated in the international and non-denominational effort since its beginning in 2007, encourages individual and group participation through prayer and fasting and by providing a peaceful and compassionate presence.

What’s especially needed as a visible sign of the effort is to adopt a day to participate in the New Orleans sidewalk prayer vigil near the new Planned Parenthood facility at 4636 South Claiborne Ave. near Upperline Street in New Orleans. This is the second year the vigil has been held at Planned Parenthood in New Orleans.

Other cities join effort

40 Days for Life vigils also are being held in Baton Rouge and Shreveport, where there are facilities that conduct abortions.

“We are in desperate need of people to choose days,” said Shanon Snyder, 40 Days for Life campaign director and New Orleans projects director. He said while there are already 25 churches signed up to pray (all but two are Catholic) near the Planned Parenthood facility in New Orleans, there seems to be a less urgent call for individuals to join the effort since Planned Parenthood in New Orleans isn’t yet performing abortions.

“We’re trying to get people to be motivated to be prayer warriors and participate,” he said. “They are making a difference even though it may not seem that way.”

Since the 2017 40 Days for Life began Sept. 27 globally, Snyder reported that 112 babies have been saved this year alone.

“It’s been fruitful already,” he said, adding that it’s been a positive experience at the local vigil.

While anyone can participate on any day in the peaceful vigil, visit http://www.prolifelouisiana.org/events/40daysforlifela/40daysforlifenola/vigilschedule.html to see the days that are most needed for prayer and for specific guidelines to participate.

Effective campaign

There have been 4,876 campaigns with more than 750,000 participants in 715 cities and 44 countries since the 40 Days for Life effort began as a way to pray and fast to end abortion.

Statistics from 40 Days for Life events held internationally show positive results in support of life, including 13,305 lives saved from abortion; 154 abortion workers quitting their jobs; and 86 abortion facilities, including the former site on Ridgelake Drive in Metairie, closing their doors.

40 Days for Life will conclude Nov. 5 at the Woman’s New Life Center parking lot, 4612 South Claiborne Ave., from 4:30-5:30 p.m. Tours of the new, pro-life women’s facility will be given, and there will be refreshments and a speaker from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

For more information, visit: www.40DaysForLifeNOLA.com or email 40daysforlifenola@gmail.com.

Christine Bordelon can be reached at cbordelon@clarionherald.org.


O Mary, Mother of the Unborn prayer

“O Mary, Mother of the Unborn,
protect the gift of human life which your Divine Son has allowed to be given.

Give strength and joy to all parents as they await the birth of the precious child they have conceived.

Give courage to those who are fearful, calm those who are anxious and guide all of us,

with your motherly care, to treasure and protect the miraculous gift of human life.

We ask this through your Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

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