Abp. Aymond: ‘We come with broken hearts’

Archbishop Gregory Aymond consoles Kinley Louviere, 5, the daughter of Westwego police officer Michael Louviere who was killed in the line of duty in January while investigating what he thought was a traffic accident in Marrero. Louviere’s wife Ashley, right, attended the annual Mass for the Victims and Survivors of Violence Oct. 15 at St. Louis Cathedral with Kinley and 21-month-old son Elijah.


“My kids keep me going, keep me strong,” she said. “They watch my every move. I have no choice but to get up every morning. … I’m very honored to be able to represent Michael. He was a tremendous person.”

Addressing survivors, Archbishop Aymond said, “None of us really understands the loss that you feel unless we could walk in your shoes. … Today we ask for God’s mercy on the violence that continues to exist and that you and I, through our prayers and actions, can be the peacemakers of our time.”

Mass for Victims and Survivor of Violence Video

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