Readers Respond – 9/16/17

‘Racial divide’

New Orleans

I would like to thank Peter Finney Jr. so much for his article (“Is there any hope for our country’s racial divide?” Sept. 2, 2017 Clarion Herald)! His articles are always the first that I read, and this one touched me deeply.

He seemed to capture so much of what I have been feeling and thinking. He was able to bear witness in a way that was hopefully a way to reach out to many who could not hear it from another place. His questions and relating to those he mentioned with their own stories gave a depth that is so often lacking in our discussions, and it offered education among the angry noise we so often experience.

I resonate with many of his observations and reflections and pray quite regularly for how to be part of a future that is more inclusive and loving. I am sure it was challenging to write, but I hope perhaps it opened a few more eyes and hearts.

I was privileged to be part of one of Walter Bonam’s classes, and I found him to be an extraordinary teacher and such a witness of a person of deep faith. Where is the hope? Peter, Walter and so many other good people of faith are mine.


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