The Good Shepherd School laid foundation in faith

Tamera Coney, Guest Column

The Good Shepherd School made me the woman I am today in so many ways.

Being a student there showed me the true meaning of friendship and family. It left a mark on my life and will always have a piece of my heart. I am certain the entire two classes that started the legacy of Good Shepherd would concur with these sentiments.

The teachers and curriculum made each student want to be there and sometimes never want to go home.

Seeing how the teachers cared for us made it all the more special to be a part of The Good Shepherd School.

After graduating from both high school and college, I realized a major reason these successes were accomplished was because of the friends from Good Shepherd who pushed me. Logan Page and Myan Sandifer are two girls with whom I will always keep in contact and have life-long friendships – all thanks to The Good Shepherd School.

I have to say the field trips were among the best parts of school life! There were the trips to Global Wildlife, the zoo, Nantucket and New York City. There were the summer get-togethers at Mr. McNamara’s beautiful home and many more – all memories I will cherish.

The trip to Nantucket was the most memorable. Can you imagine a small class whose first trip after Hurricane Katrina involved flying on a small, 12-to-15 passenger plane, with the sea and water painted on the outside, in which the pilot was named Katrina? We were all shocked, but the trip turned out great.

Of course, these trips were only possible thanks to the donations from great supporters of The Good Shepherd School. I speak for the entire school when I say thank you!

My faith also grew tremendously while I was a Good Shepherd student.

I not only fell in love with Immaculate Conception Church, but my family and I continued to attend Mass there years after I graduated.

This past May on Mother’s Day, I arranged for my son to be baptized there. It was only right that he received this sacrament at Immaculate Conception.

I will always remember walking down Baronne Street with my schoolmates to attend Mass at Immaculate Conception and the priest coming to our library to celebrate Mass with us at school.

From these school liturgies to accepting the valedictorian award on the altar, Immaculate Conception Church will forever be a part of me and my family!

After residing in Baton Rouge to earn my degree, I am now back home in the New Orleans area and plan to do anything I can to support my alma mater, especially since the new campus will be located exactly four blocks from my grandparents’ home. I will find the time to visit as much as possible!

Times haven’t always been great, but I’m striving to persevere and achieve all of my goals.

If Good Shepherd taught me anything, it’s that if you believe it then you can achieve it!

I have learned to depend on God and the value of my Catholic religion, which has led me to where I am today.

I am forever indebted to our school’s founder, the late Jesuit Father Harry Tompson, for providing me and my classmates with such a strong foundation.

Tamera Coney lives in Slidell and graduated from LSU in May with a degree in communications. She was among the first class of graduating college seniors who also graduated from The Good Shepherd School.

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