Things the wife shouldn’t know about Omaha

Please, whatever you do, don’t tell my wife.
Don’t tell my wife that I spent two wonderful weeks in Omaha.

Don’t tell Robin that even though I missed her terribly, I was having a blast hanging out in the southeast corner of Nebraska.

Don’t tell her that the steaks were really good, and real cheap.

Don’t tell her that the weather was absolutely fantastic.

Don’t tell her that I would wake up in the morning and walk and it would feel like Oct. 20 in New Orleans.

Don’t tell her that even though I was working 12 to 15 hours days, they flew by.

Don’t tell her that it seemed like half of the state of Louisiana was there, too. And, they were having a blast.

Don’t tell her that I was worried about her being at home by herself in during tropical storm Cindy, because that would probably be a lie. She’s a trouper. I knew she could survive.

If you don’t tell her that, I won’t tell you that I think she was secretly pulling for Florida State and Oregon State early in the College World Series.

She wanted her man home, which is a good thing. If she wanted me to stay as long as possible, that would be worrisome.

Please don’t tell her that I thought it was funny to hear her complain about mowing the yard or putting out the garbage. She totally whiffed on putting out the recycling on Wednesday night, but, hey, no one gets a hit every at bat.

Please don’t tell her that I howled with laughter when she complained about having to put gas in her car – that is usually my job on Saturday mornings to fill up her expensive SUV. I gas that one up, before I take my 18-year-old truck to the pumps.

I want to tell you that she called me several times a day, wanting to know if I was really having that much fun.

“Of course, not, honey,” said I.

Good thing we weren’t face-timing because my facial expressions would have totally given me away.

What I did tell her is that she should have come to Omaha. She threatened. I was ready to burn all my frequent flyer miles and buy expensive tickets on the secondary market to get her in the stadium.

What she missed was a sea of purple and gold. Former LSU quarterback Bert Jones, a former NFL MVP, and member of the College Football Hall of Fame, was there.

So were former College World Series heroes Warren Morris and Todd Walker.

One of the Duck Dynasty brothers was there – although I don’t watch the show and couldn’t really tell you which brother it was. But I do know that minutes before the game, he was walking on the field, chatting up head coach Paul Mainieri.

Now, that’s what I call access.

When I returned home, my wife reminded me that Duck Dynasty was there and she wasn’t. Next time, she will be there, as long as she wants. She can shop on an unlimited budget and eat at all the best steakhouses. 

Maybe then, she will root for the home team.

Ed Daniels is sports director of ABC26 WGNO. He can be reached at

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