Cabrini students praise long-ago teachers

On May 2, several elementary teachers were honored with the “Cabrini Distinguished Educator Award,” presented annually to elementary teachers who have done an outstanding job of preparing students to succeed in high school.

The teachers are nominated by their former students and selected by a committee of Cabrini faculty.

The 2017 honorees are: Sherri Eck, St. Christopher School in Metairie (nominated by Cabrini student Victoria Duke); Eddie Henry, Immaculate Conception School in Marrero (nominated by Calley Chauvin); Rosie Kendrick, St. Stephen Catholic School in New Orleans (nominated by Emani Leefort) and Danielle Rohli, St. Philip Neri School in Metairie (nominated by student Sydney Ford).

Students listed some attributes of the teachers they had nominated: encouraging them to do their best, building confidence, teaching them to be team players and critical thinkers and to work hard.

“I almost cried when I read the letter that I was receiving this award, and then I did cry when I read Victoria’s nomination,” Eck said. “I was just so touched to be recognized. It is such a great honor I wasn’t expecting.”

“She showed me that despite how many challenges life throws at you, you have to keep going because God is only making you stronger,” student Emani Leefort said about Kendrick. ”I see this as the reason I continue to strive for the stars academically despite how stressful and challenging high school can be sometimes. She helped me realize what perseverance truly is. It might seem like fourth grade was a long time ago, but I honestly don’t think I would have the character I have in high school if it wasn’t for her.”

“Mrs. Rohli was truly a valuable asset to me as a student,” student Sydney Ford said. “As well as teaching me science, math, reading and English, she taught me to be responsible. From a young age, she encouraged us to take credit for our own actions and to become more independent. I firmly believe that this established a work ethic in me.”

“This award made my day,” Henry said. “It actually made my week. For someone to take the time and nominate me is so touching. We don’t realize the impact we have on our students.” 

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